Mountains & Temples in China

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A Chinese Taoist temple, generally called Gong, Guan or Miao in Chinese, is the holy hall where Taoists perform their religious ceremonies. It blends Taoist taste and ideas on construction with traditional Chinese thoughts and methods of construction. It thus has formed a unique style among the many different types of Chinese ancient architecture. Taoist temples of different scales are scattered all over China. Generally, they can be divided into three kinds: palace-like temples, ordinary temples and simple hut or caves. Though of various sizes, they are built to serve the same function. People may get confused in distinguishing a Taoist temple from a Buddhist temple because they are much alike from the outside. It is true that many methods of Taoist construction imitate those of Buddhism, but there exist some minor difference between them. For example, the holy statues of Dragon and Tiger are set in front of the main gate of a Taoist temple, while statues of two giants guard in the same position in a Buddhist temple. The Taoist trinity, San Qing (Three Pure Gods), is worshipped in Taoist halls. They are Yu Qing (Jade Pure), Shang Qing (Upper Pure) and Tai Qing (Great Pure). In the main hall of a Buddhist temple on the other hand, the Buddha trinity is placed. Besides, themes of statue and murals in Chinese Taoist temples are those familiar to common people and the religious atmosphere is not as intense as in Buddhist temples. Please browse the following mountains and temples

  1. Mount Tai Shan

  2. Dazu Rock Carving

  3. E'Mei Shan

  4. Guoqing Temple

  5. Hanshan Temple

  6. Jilin Three Purity Temple

  7. Mount Jiuhua

  8. Mount Jizu

  9. Mount Kongtong

  10. Ling Shan Buddha

  11. Lingyin Temple

  12. Louguan Terrace

  13. Mount Heng

  14. Mount Huashan

  15. Mount Laoshan

  16. Mount Putuo

  17. Mount Qingcheng

  18. Mount Shanqing

  19. Mount Tiecha

  20. Mount Wangwu

  21. Mount Qingliang

  22. Mount Yandang

  23. Mount Yiwulü

  24. Green Ram Temple

  25. White Cloud Temple

  26. White Horse Temple

  27. Mount Wuyi

  28. Tianmu Mountain

  29. Tianzhu Mountain

  30. Qiyun Mountain

  31. Wudang Mountain