Painting Scroll: WuTzu Cultivating Innate Nature

Product No. Painting016
Product Name: WuTzu Cultivating Innate Nature (晤子养性图)

Painting Introduction
Tang Yin painted a straw yard. An old man sitting on a mat, wearing a towel, dressed in loose robes, hugging his knees to look up at the sky, like singing or sighing, with calm expression. Indoor is frugal, censer and stationery table shows the author's identity and interests. Behind is bamboo fence, in accompany with trees in variety. The painting features comfort, easiness, figures’ expression well compatible with environment. .


Author: Ming Tang Yin. Size: height: 40cm/ width: 145cm
Material: painting paper made from rice stalk, silk cloth as background material
Source: From Liaoning Museum
Size: Height: 40 cm, width: 145 cm,

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