Painting Scroll: Do Fishing in Retreat 秋山渔隐图


Product No. Painting021
Product Name: Do Fishing in Retreat (秋山渔隐图轴)

Painting Introduction
This painting describes doing fishing in retreat places where no people frequent.

Author Introduction
Lan Ying (1585-1664), one of the painters in Ming Dynasty (1585- about 1666). Born in Qian Tang (now Hangzhou Zhejiang). The representative painter among Zhejiang school of artists in Ming Dynasty. He was good at painting landscape, flowers and birds, plum..


[Author] Lan Ying, Ming Dynasty.
[Size] Core painting area: 44x132cm / Whole size: 55x205cm
[Material] Core painting paper made from rice stalk, silk cloth as background material [Production]: hand work
[Source]: Tianjin Museum .

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