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Ying Zhao Chuan (Eagle Claw Boxing), traditional Chinese Wushu, uses grabs, holds, pressures at various points or locks at the joints, basic techniques which remind the way the proud eagle, King of the animals of prees, attacks its victims. For that reason the system get its name Ying Zhao (Eagle Claw). The heart of the system is the 50 ways of continuous punch, 50 fighting techniques which are being practiced from both left and right side of the body. These techniques are simple and without needingless, impressive or show off elements, easy to teach, they constitute an exceptionally effective fighting system. The system's movements are light and rapid, combining speed, strength and technique in the most effective way.

This school does not imitate all eagle's movements as many people might think, but only "borrows" the way that the proud bird of prey grabs and catches. So among the system characteristics are Diao, Zhua, Luo, (ways of grabbing and catching) and also Fan (hiting by turning the hand around ), Beng (explosive hit), Zhou (hitting with forearm), Kao (pressing or pushing). The practitioner should remember that the purpose is not to hold or catch, but to hit the opponent.

Grabbing is a way only to bring the practitioner to a more advantageous situation. During practice not only strength, speed and technique should be developed as much as possible, but also the human "spirit" and a natural way of standing and moving. Spirit means internal peace and calmness, which all practitioners should have. "One should be able to watch the highest mountain falling down, without even blink the eyes ".

The 7 kinds of strength in our system, should be developed by practicing both internal and external techniques. The practitioner should be aware of physiology, anatomy as well as human psychology, in order to use that strength effectively in fight. Power should concentrate like a coiled spring and then explode, driven focused where we want(e.g a punch).

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