Kungfu Video Series: Piercing Foot and Turning Boxing 4VCD


Introduction of Piercing Foot and Turning Boxing

Liu Xue Bo, born in County Lee, Hebei Province China Mainland, is a famous inheritor of Chinese Kung Fu schools Piercing Foot and Turning Boxing. Now, serving as vice chairman and honored commissioner with Beijing Martial Arts Association and president with Beijing Piercing Foot and Turning Boxing Research Association, he began his Martial Arts practice as early as the time when he was 10 years old and became an apprentice with Lee Yong He who was accomplished in Piercing Foot, Turning Boxing and DeeTang Boxing.

Chuo Jiao Quan is characterized by leg-attacking techniques. The basic leg techniques include stamping, hell-kicking, entangling, pointing, juggling, treading and grinding. In training, each step is followed by a foot kick, with alternating hand and foot movements. Fan Zi Boxing boasts short, swift, vigorous movements, compact and well-knit routines and swift force-application. Fanzi Quan is characterized by quick succession of hand and foot movements and usually several techniques are applied at the same time in a furious manner.

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Such VCD presents the martial arts forms by Liu Xue Bo and his disciples, the teaching and presentation can help practitioners quickly master the essentials of the arts.

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