Kungfu Video Series: Wu-Style TaiChi Chuan


Wu-style Taijiquan is second in popularity only after the Yang style of Taijiquan. It is in fact representative of the Yang style Small Frame which was developed and taught by Yang Lu Chan, the founder of the Yang style, for the students in the Imperial Court.Wu Chien Chuan is the name of this styles' founder.

The founder of Wu-style Taijiquan is Wu Jian Quan's father Quan Yu (1834-1902). Quan Yu was one of Yang Lu Chan's top students and was said to have gained his master's skill in evasive techniques. He worked as a bodyguard in the Imperial Court and was Manchurian by race. Wu Jian Quan (1870-1942) did the most to popularise this style of Taijiquan and the style is named after him. Because of his efforts, many people came to learn this style of Taijiquan and his form soon became the accepted standard for this style.

Wu Jian Quan was born into a martial arts family. His father had earned his living as a bodyguard in the Imperial Court. This meant that his father was a professional martial artist whose skills were his means of livelyhood. So martial arts was very much the `family trade'. His father had trained under the great Yang Lu Chan, founder of the Yang style, and also under Yang Ban Hou, Yang Lu Chan's son. The form practiced by Quan Yu was the Yang style Small Frame but way back then, the division into the major styles had not yet taken place and the art was simply known as the small frame of Yang Lu Chan.

Wu Jian Quan's influence, popularity and the large following he amassed established his form as the standard one for the Wu family. Today it is still the most practiced version of Wu Jian Quan Taijiquan and it is the one that all variations are measured against. Wu Jian Quan style Taijiquan continues to grow in popularity and is spreading throughout the world through the efforts of its enthusiastic practitioners. And more and more material is becoming available in different languages on this style of Taijiquan.

The style is characterised by smaller stances than the more common Yang style of Tai Chi Chuan. This places less physical strain on the body and is a very useful style for those recovering from injury. It widely incorporates the features in other styles such as looseness, smoothness, roundness, relaxedness and steadiness. The integrity and harmony derived from such characteristics can easily benefit the practitioners in terms of fittness and health well being.

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Such VCD is of English version and both the English subtitle and explanation can help practitioners well understand the essentials of Wu-style Tai Chi Chuan. Lee Bing Chi, who is the contemporary famous Tai Chi master and standing coach in Chinese Martial Arts Committee, gives lectures in the program regarding the key points for every phases in the 83-posture routine forms. Liang Xiu Zhen, who is the honored vice chairman with Wu-style Tai Chi Chuan Research Center, and the fifth generation descendant of Wu-style Tai Chi Chuan showcase every postures in a detailed way (reviewed often from front or back) with Zong Wei Jie, the six-times championship winner in China Tai Chi Chuan Contest

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