An Encyclopaedia of Liojen Oracle


For better promote the study of Liojen Oracle we plan to write a big book that incorporeates almost all contents required by such study. In the book market it is a complete blank field and many people would enjoy such study for this accuracy and divineness in predicting the future events.


Liojen study was of so antiquity that many experts claimed its origination at three thousand years before and had close connection with Taoism theory and application. It is a very accurate model set up by ancients to imitate the regular and periodical movements of the nature by incorporating ancient knowledge of astronomy, geography, calendar, Chi Kung, Chinese herbal medicine and astrology, etc. Also, Liojen borrowed nutrition from Yin Yang theory, stems and branches knowledge, five elements and ancient assorted magic skills, in order to accomplish a complete presentation of the relationship between heaven, human beings and earth.