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Kungfu Video Series: Ba Gua Chang 3VCD

Ba Gua Chang Introduction

Dong Hai Chuan of Wen'An County in Hebei Province came to Beijing in 1852 and began to teach his Ba Gua Zhang, which soon became very popular in Beijing, and the surrounding outskirts, and he was regarded as the respected founder of Ba Gua Zhang.

Kungfu Video Series: Wu-Style TaiChi Chuan


Wu-style Taijiquan is second in popularity only after the Yang style of Taijiquan. It is in fact representative of the Yang style Small Frame which was developed and taught by Yang Lu Chan, the founder of the Yang style, for the students in the Imperial Court.Wu Chien Chuan is the name of this styles' founder.

Kungfu Video Series: Tai Zhu Long Fist Boxing VCD

Tai Zhu Long Fist Introduction

Long Fist is also called Tai Zhu boxing which includes both Shaolin fist and weapons (Bingqi). Long Fist is the foundation for all of the traditional styles of external Kung Fu, and is easily identifiable by its acrobatic and explosive movements.