Workshops 2015: Overview

Many thanks for your interest in this very special journey to sacred Mount Wudang and its peculiar Taoism Treasure Wudang Taoist internal alchemy study!

Want to relax in a sunny mountain setting, while having fun learning Tao energy healing and meditation skills? Want to mountain wilds to pick some herbs for treating illness? Want a deep understanding in relation to I-Ching theory and its application in divination? Are you ready to quicken your path to energetic health? Curious to learn the science of Taoism inner alchemy, and self-generate a feeling of whole-body bliss? Want to understand the truth of corporeal world and how it runs in a view particularly featuring Buddhism and Taoism elements? Want to make sure whether there exists a transcending staircase that could eventually leads to the final enlightenment and, as a transmundane means, how to make use of it? Want to feel your body move gracefully in a tai chi form or Taoist Yoga postures? Seeking a new career in energetic bodywork and personal development? Want to know how the soul transmute from one entity to another, without end, to fulfill its destined course charted by karmic effect? Interested in taking charge of both your worldly and spiritual destiny in a reversal way?

If you answer is YES! to any question, our workshop on Mt. Wudang is the right program for you. Whether you are a beginner who wants guidance from top masters or a professional seeking to refine your skills and gain certification, at Mt. Wudang you will receive the best possible training.

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